Technical Approach

Our expert team of developers provide great quality test code, with years of experiencing using automation to improve mobile app quality.

Xamarin Projects

With over 5 years experience in Xamarin, we can help automate testing for your Xamarin or Xamarin.Forms iOS or Android projects.

We use the following technologies for UI automation in Xamarin:

  • Xamarin.UITest
  • Microsoft App Center Cloud Testing

Development Process

Regardless of the tech stack your app usees, we use the following processes to enable the best possible results.

Visual comparison

We use advanced visual comparison techniques to make sure your app looks, as well as behaves, correctly.

Continuous Integration

We integrate with your continuous integration infrastructure to ensure that tests are run as frequently as possible.

Extensive test coverage

We'll work with you to agree exactly what areas of the app are essential to improve quality on.

Knowledge handover

We'll provide full readme documentation and any other handover docs so your team can get up to speed with our tests quickly.

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